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2016      Sara and Marc Schiller, "ELEVEN SPRING"

              words by Shepard Fairey / JR,  Wooster Editions

2014      Francesca Gavin, "THE BOOK OF HEARTS".  Laurence King Publishing Ltd


2013      Souris Hong-Porretta, "OUTSIDE THE LINES"  the Penguin Group (USA)

2009      Shepard Fairey and Jennifer Gross, "ART FOR OBAMA", ABRAMS image

              Saltz, Jerry, "Art after money", New York Magazine, October, 2009

              Garfield, Joey,  "Kenji Hirata" Juxtapoz Magazine, December, 2009

2008      Alexandra Chang, "ENVISIONING DIASPORA",  Timezone 8

2007      Jim and Karla Murray,  "BURNING NEW YORK"    Ginko Press


              Plus 81 Magazine, Interview, Autumn Issue, 2007

              Sokol, David,  "Higher Planes"  Surface Magazine, June, 2007

              Pricco, Evan,  "Kenji Hirata" Juxtapoz Magazine, March, 2007

2006      Pitt, Jason,  "Artistic Expressions".  The Chronicle, March 9, 2006

2005      Flaunt Magazine, Interview, October, 2005

              Brown, David, "The Barnstormers Pilgrimage Down South", Sculpture Magazine,

              January / February, 2005

2004      Chang, Alexandra,  "Art makes an Escape from the Gallery Wall"  am new york,

              September, 12, 2004

              Chang, Alexandra,  "Absolut Artist"  am new york, September 3, 2004

              Chang, Alexandra,  "Urban Improv" Art Asia Pacific, March, 2004

2003.     Cotter, Holland,  "Dream So Much 2"  The New York Times, December, 2003

              Levin, Kim, "Dream So Much 2"  The Village Voice, December 24, 2003

              Chang, Alexandra,  "Dream So Much 2"  Art Asia Pacific, March, 2003


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